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Brahmastra Plant Growth Regulator

We are the one of the best and remarkable suppliers and manufacturers of Brahmastra Plant Growth Regulator. Our company is based in Maharashtra, India. This Bramhastra Plant Growth Regulator enhances or stimulates the activity of available enzymes and plant hormones. Additionally, it increases the rate of photosynthesis and also enhances protein synthesis. We are capable of taking bulk orders and make their delivery within stipulated time.


Details : This is refined fermentation con-centrate that is rich in plant nutrients in biolgically availble form. It enhances resistance to mineral and salt stress from toxic uptake of elements, decreases abiotic stress, improves vigour and strenght.


Packing Size :   250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Lit,                                                             


Dose : 50 ml for 15 Lit Water

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